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Senior Site - Overdue library Books

Unfortunately, we have a large number of library books outstanding despite reminders being issued to students via the registers. As this process does not work we are trialling the following new process with effect from 1st June (after half term) so please encourage your child to return any books they borrow.

Books may be borrowed for two weeks and must then be returned. When it is borrowed the book is stamped on the inside cover slip with the date that it must be returned.

A book may be renewed (for another two-week period) once by coming to see Mrs Stevenson in the LRC so it can be re-issued.

Once the initial or extended borrowing period has finished the book is then overdue.

A reminder that the book is overdue will be sent out by email direct to student with a copy in the register at the end of the borrowing period.

A second reminder will be sent out 1 week later with a copy to the parent/carer.

If there is no response (either return of the book or payment to replace the book) by 1 week after the second reminder, then 1 behaviour point will be issued.

This means the student has effectively 6 weeks in which to return the book before a sanction is issued.

A further 2 behaviour points will be issued (one a week) and if there is still no response the Head of Year is advised that this is now a pastoral issue and a detention should be given. 

If the book is returned before the detention, then it will be cancelled.