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Alderwood School

Primary Sites - 19th July Lifting of Restrictions

With the final restrictions being lifted on Monday 19th July, we have been considering how to approach the last week of term— mindful that cases are increasing and many local schools have children/classes and year groups currently isolating.

We have been so pleased we have not had to do this since our March 8th
reopening and therefore feel that for the sake of 5 days, we don’t want to risk what we have in place.

We want ALL staff and children to reach the holidays Covid free and feel our current risk assessment needs to stay. Therefore we are keeping everything as it is until the end of term with the intention of ‘going back to normal’ in September.

Further communications will be sent out about start and finish times, but essentially they will be 8.45am—3pm infants and 9am-3.15pm at the juniors.