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Alderwood School

Infant & Junior - Sports Day

We had already assumed that our traditional Sports Day at the Military Stadium would not be able to go ahead as that would have involved the whole of the Alderwood Primary community coming together. Therefore teachers have planned for their classes to take part in a sports day on site on the following days:

Year R—Wednesday 21st July
Year 1— Monday 5th July
Year 2— Tuesday 13th July
Year 3—Tuesday 6th July
Year 4— Wednesday 7th July
Year 5—Thursday 8th July
Year 6—Friday 9th July

Infant—sports day

Please make sure that your child is wearing their P.E. kit on their chosen day. Also keep an eye on the weather as it can be changeable. Children will earn stickers and possibly a medal for demonstrating a school value: Excellence, Courage, Respect, Equality, Friendship, Inspiration and Determination.

Junior—sports day

Mr Knight has arranged the junior sporting events slightly differently. As children at the junior site are already in house teams, they will be earning points towards a new HOUSE TROPHY CUP. Therefore, if they want—they can wear a top that represents their house team colour.

Some of these colours can be tricky to get hold of, so a standard P.E. top is also fine.

Unfortunately, parents will not be allowed to attend on either site so we will try and get as many photo-graphs as we can.