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Alderwood School


Each pupil is part of a House throughout their time at Alderwood.  Our Houses are named after influential, resilient individuals who have had a lasting impact on British life. 

Nightingale, named after Florence Nightingale; Pankhurst named for Emmeline Pankhurst; Seacole after Mary Seacole; and Turing for Alan Turing. 

Pupils at the Senior site take part as House Captains and House Reps and also make up the school’s Junior Leadership Team.  Pupils on the junior site are also involved in House challenges. They are involved in helping to plan, organise and run events linked to the House system throughout the year.  As part of the JLT, they meet with SLT to discuss ways to improve and change aspects of school life at Alderwood to ensure every pupil is able to achieve and be the best they can be! 

Pupils earn House points for various tasks, work, and friendly competitions throughout the year and the House with the highest rewards at the end of the year become the House Champions.  This includes House Challenge Day, Sports Day, in class activities, and friendly competition.