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Alderwood School


Formal Meetings

The governors meet once a term as a full governing body. We have a detailed update from the Head teacher, discuss all the major issues for the school, review how we are doing against the aims we have set ourselves and agree the annual budget.

We also have regular sub-committees which meet once a term and each governor is a member of at least one committee. There are four sub-committees:

  • Finance
  • Premises
  • Curriculum
  • Personnel

Individual governors may also take on special interest areas or responsibilities. For example one governor takes responsibility for special educational needs and another for child protection matters.

Life of the School

The governors are actively involved in the life of the school, making regular visits to see the work of the school. Recently, we have had meetings with the school council, observed PSHE and RRR lessons and been invited in to watch class assemblies.

Every term a governor presents the Governors Award which goes to a pupil who has shown outstanding effort and attitude within school.

At curriculum governors meetings, teachers will regularly make presentations to the committee about their subject area, talking about the developments and their action plans going forward. Individual governors are also appointed for specific subjects (English, Maths, Science, ICT, PSHE/RRR) and will meet to discuss how those areas are developing.