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Alderwood School


All pupils are expected to attend school regularly and punctually.  The school will contact parents of absent students on the first day of absence.  A letter should be brought to the form tutor upon the pupil’s return to school following an absence.  If a student is going to be absent for more than three days, the school should be informed by telephone or letter.  We are required to report unauthorised absence from school to Hampshire Children’s Services.

Pupils are not permitted to leave the school site during school time without a letter requesting permission or a medical appointment card which has to be countersigned by the tutor.  Senior site pupils leaving the school site during the school day must sign out at the main reception desk, and sign in again upon return.  Our pupils’ safety is of paramount importance.

We believe that punctuality is an important part of self-discipline and is essential to good time management.  Pupils are expected to be on time for the start of morning and afternoon registration and for every lesson and should therefore be in the school grounds at the appropriate site in good time for the start of the school day. Pupils who arrive at school too late for registration must sign in or their parents must sign them in. Senior school pupils who are regularly late may be expected to stay after school or during a break / lunchtime to catch up.

Leave of Absence

Holidays are not permitted in term time.  Any time off from school will have an adverse effect on learning.  A request for leave of absence for an exceptional reason only may be permitted (this is at the discretion of the headteacher), by submitting a request to the headteacher, well in advance, for consideration.  In accordance with DfE guidelines, parents are likely to be fined for unauthorised absence or persistent lateness.