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One of our key targets this year is to improve the levels of attendance throughout the school. Parents and pupils working together in partnership lo support good attendance Is vital lo meeting this target of 96% overall. In order to help clearly illustrate for you how well pupils are doing we are introducing a traffic light system that will be shared with you.

On a termly basis you will receive a letter that will be coloured coded to illustrate the category of attendance that your child falls into. The categories are:

Yellow – Excellent

Pupils in this category have an attendance of 100%. It is recognised that this is not without sacrifice, appointments made after school, coming in even they don’t feel well. We seek to reward pupils in this category on a termly basis.

Green – Good

Pupils in this category have an attendance of 96% or over. They will find that their learning has little disruption and they are able to successfully catch up on any work missed through their occasional absences.

Amber – Cause for Concern

Pupils in this category have an attendance of between 92% and 95.9%, at this level pupils will start to find it difficult to catch up with lessons they miss and to find learning becoming disrupted. Without immediate action they can easily slide into red.

Red – Unacceptable

Pupils in this category have attendance of less than 92%. Research demonstrates that when attendance falls below 92% progress and attainment are directly affected. Pupils will find that they struggle to catch up with the amount of lessons missed and there are gaps appearing in their learning. Urgent action is required to improve attendance as at this level close monitoring will be undertaken and consideration given to referral to the Legal Intervention Team which could lead to possible prosecution and fine.

Good attendance is the responsibility of parents and pupils alike. In school, your child’s HoY is the link person to provide you with any support or guidance that you may need. If you have any concerns or questions regarding attendance please feel free to contact the school and speak to your child’s HoY.

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