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Alderwood School


Alderwood School is a 4-16 all through school for pupils in the Aldershot area. It is based over 3 separate sites, known as Alderwood Infant, Junior and Senior schools. In total, Alderwood School has approximately 1500 pupils on roll. We currently have capacity for 270 pupils on the infant site (4-7 years), 420 on the junior site (7-11 years), and 850 pupils aged 11-16 on the senior site. Although most pupils will stay with us all the way through from our infant school, we warmly invite pupils to join us in Year 7 from every primary school in Aldershot. We work very closely with all of the local primary schools to make sure that the right provision is in place for all pupils when they start.

The school ethos throughout the school is centred on our school values of Kindness, Honesty, Respect, Commitment, Resilience and Independence, not only within the curriculum but also through our House System on the junior and senior sites. We encourage each pupil to 'be the best they can be' so that they can go on to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Our teachers are absolutely committed to the pupils and they ensure that lessons are engaging so that our pupils develop resilience and the desire to succeed. We firmly believe that reading is essential to our pupils making progress in all their subjects and have fantastic libraries on each site with a superb selection of books to suit all our pupils’ interests.

We are fully aware of the care that you will take in choosing the most suitable school for your child’s education. You, like us, will want to be sure that your child will be happy at school and go on to achieve their very best. Within our purposeful learning environment and excellent pastoral and support systems, we are confident that our staff will provide your child with the motivation and challenge required to reach or surpass their academic more

- Clare de Sausmarez, Executive Headteacher